Help-Portrait – 10 December 2011 – München

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On 10 December 2011 Help-Portrait Munich was at the Ronald McDonald house at Deutsches Herzzentrum München (DHM) in Munich. The idea of Help-Portrait is to use our photography skills to make our local community happy, to not only take – but give a picture to someone in need.

We did not only take pictures to give them a nice familiy shot or portrait picture, we hope we were able to give a few moments of fun & laughter for a change and take their minds of their sorrows, problems and fears.

And while Franziska and me were busy documenting the action – others were doing all the work: Carmen Wiggisser and Ingomar Leitner ( who did the oraganization and photography; Mayra Frano ( who did the "behind the scenes – photography"; Demet Gül who was our entertainer for the kids; Jules Heim who knows Jeremy Cowarts wife from highschool and helped a lot with all the work backstage, Andreas Wening who did the studio portraits, Cristiano da Rocha who helped with editing and printing the photos and last but not least Zuzanna Grabias who was our style and make-up artist. 

To all of you: I want to say it was a pleasure working with you. I had a wonderful day and I am very happy I was there!

So now, enjoy the video!



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